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First-Rate Car Wash & Valeting in Newtownards

For many of us, our cars operate as a second home and office, and is there any better feeling than having a clean and tidy automobile? Not to mention the hygiene boost. For this reason, Pike Bros Auto Valet is here to offer you dvanced car wash and valeting services. Our detailed and comprehensive services include; engine wash, body wash, under wash, buffing, waxing & polishing, and interior wash. We are located in Newtownards, and if you’d like more details, kindly reach out to us on+447740915003. We are always happy to hear from you.

Where we work

Our conveniently located car wash has plenty of space and a team of seasoned professionals ready to scrub and polish your car to perfection. We're always busy – a sign of our success! We pride ourselves in being the finest team in town when it comes to getting even the dirtiest vehicles sparkling in record time. Our hard-working, friendly team make light work of even the toughest jobs – leaving you with a vehicle that looks good as new.

Good old fashioned elbow grease

We use only premium cloths and sponges that are replaced frequently to ensure that every car is cleaned thoroughly. You will never see rollers or brushes at our car wash and this ensures that each and every car is protected from marks and blemishes. With only hand washing equipment, your car will be cared for as if it was our own. Bring your vehicle to our premises today and see for yourself.


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Brought my mums car down in a bad way and when I got it back was like brand new. The best products were used the finish result was outstanding would highly recommend top class service wouldn’t go...
Aaron Mcferran
Excellent attention to detail. Great care taken and pride in their work. Highly recommend.
Barbara Wells
Mum & brother took both their cars, for the works brand spanking new!!!! Check it out people
Nicky Gallagher

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